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The Wonderful Therapeutic Properties Of Lemon
Sammy >>> The Wonderful Therapeutic Properties Of Lemon

Lemon has been used for generations for its therapeutic properties. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, and has a powerful cleansing effect on the entire digestive tract. No house should be without it. a house without lemon is half a house.

Lemon is a fantastic alkaline (antiacid), which stabilizes the acidity levels of the body. Heart burn, for example, is the direct result of eating starch and proteins together: hamburgers, meat pies, meat and rice, meat and potatoes. The juice of half a lemon in glass of warm water will eliminate heart burn in minutes.

Lemon cleanses the liver, which is the body's "trash can" and it stimulates metabolism. Lemon acts as an antiseptic. Gargle with lemon for a sore throat.

Lemon controls bladder infections and kidney ailments, which are mainly caused by an excess of acidity. Lemon is rich in potassium which is excellent for your heart, and acts as a wonderful heart tonic. Apply lemon if stung by a bee, or hornet, to stop pain and swelling. Gallstones vanish when you drink lemon juice mixed with olive oil before bedtime. If you have fever blisters, take a slice of lemon. If you are plagued by pile, then lemon juice is what you need, if they bleed, apply externally. Kidney stones dissolve within 6 - 8 weeks, if lemon juice is taken with warm water in the morning and evening (a glass of lemon in the morning, a glass of lemon in the evening).

Lemon is a natural insect repellant. Drink the juiced and apply to the skin, to repel mosquitoes and flies. A freshly squeezed lemon, first thing in the morning, is one of the best liver tonic available. If you suffer from restless legs, lemon juice in warm water before bedtime is the answer. Use cream of tartar (one tea spoonful at bed time).

Lemon juice is an excellent blood cleanser and helps get rid of acne and also helps control an oily skin. A cup of roobos tea, boiled with 2 slices of ginger root for 10 minutes, add the juice of a quarter slice of lemon and a tea spoon full of honey, men will never complain about prostrate trouble again.

Use the juice half a lemon, in half glass of water to rinse your mouth and watch the plague of your teeth disappear. Lemon turns yellow teeth white, get a lemon in your house now and live a complete house.

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